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Jeff Hainbuch was born in the United States, but has lived most of his life in Toronto, Canada. In pursuit of shaping young lives and making a difference, he dedicated the first 25 years of his career to teaching in some of the most challenging neighbourhoods and environments.

In 2020, as twists in the road led to unexpected places and opportunities arose for a new career filled with spirituality and ink, Jeff turned his attention to the dream of writing his first novel.

The Poet, a narrative fiction, was birthed in a changing world, and teaches a belief that perhaps we all have a guardian angel and that finding a little bit of magic along the way makes all the difference when navigating the challenges of living an examined life.

Now an accredited Chopra meditation instructor, and huge supporter of mindfulness and self-care, Jeff is planning his second book, and continues to pursue his ultimate roles of passion as motorcycle rider and father to three wonderful boys.

My Book
The Poet and I by Jeff Hainbuch

A memoir-turned-narrative-fiction chronicling the trials and tribulations of coming of age, the importance of human connection, and the process of yielding yourself to your guardian angel.

Notebook Publishing of Notebook Group Limited is delighted to announce the marketing campaign of The Poet and I: The Journey Within by Jeff Hainbuch, accredited Chopra meditation instructor and advocate for mindfulness and self-care.

Jeff Hainbuch spent much of his career working in the education sectors of some of the most troubled areas in Toronto, Canada. Now, he is committed to the practices of meditation and self-reflection—reoccurring motifs in his debut publication The Poet and I: The Journey Within—and he endeavours to share the beauty such rituals can incur in one’s life through his 1:1 meditation classes, coming soon.

The Poet and I, moving in its simplicity and wisdom, is brimming with insight, lessons, and potential for major shifts in perspective, regardless of where readers are in their respective spiritual journeys. Highly spiritually inclined and reflective, The Poet and I is raw, honest, and equal parts uplifting and heart-wrenching, depicting the ordeals faced by somebody navigating their spiritual path to mental clarity and inner enlightenment. Hainbuch, much like this book’s eponymous Poet, guides readers through the mental landscape of an individual undergoing much mental and situational transformation through their formative years, also delving into the after-effects of such hardships and the resulting importance of mindfulness and the growth of one’s spiritual awareness.

Penned with vivid clarity, Hainbuch’s The Poet and I is a poignant reminder of the importance of suffering and turbulence in the process of self-transformation, much like a caterpillar’s struggle through its breaking out of its cocoon in its endeavour to turn into a butterfly.

Available for free for a limited time only!

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The Poet and I: Free on Kindle

The Poet and I: Free on Kindle

Hello wonderful people Can I ask you a question?  Do you have a guardian angel I do…smiling. Great News – #1 Status Briefly, I want to share news from my publisher, Notebook Publishing, that The Poet and I has hit #1 in three categories...

The Poet and I – #1 Amazon Best Seller

The Poet and I – #1 Amazon Best Seller

At the conclusion of this Best Seller Marketing campaign, Jeff Hainbuch achieved International Best Seller Status across 9 categories in the USA, UK, Canada, and France (by Notebook Publishing’s standards [achieving at least Top 10]), as...

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