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The Poet and I – Book Release Today – on and

Hello wonderful people

Can I ask you a question?  Do you have a guardian angel?  I do.  I bet you do too…smiling.   Today the Poet and I – The Journey Within – was released on Amazon in both the US and Canada.

Some of you may not know that The Poet and I is my life story and the conversations that I have had with my guardian angel. I call her the Poet. 

I want to begin with a welcome to the many new people to this mail list.  As always please let me know if you prefer to be removed from this list at any time or if you prefer that I use a different email. 

Next a BIG thank you…It was just a few months ago when I asked for your help in creating a surge for the release of my book The Poet and I – the Journey Within.   Many of you will know that that we did just that.   In the first few weeks of being released, the Poet and I was #5 in the Amazon Hot New Releases.  This I am sure was because of you and your efforts to support the purchase of the book.

 So…today the book is finally available.  Early this morning I received a notice from Amazon that the Kindle version of The Poet and I was now available.   Did you get your notice today?  Have you started reading it already?  🦋

I am so pleased with the layout of the book, the font choices, the placement of the quotes and butterflies.   Thank you again to so many of you that contributed to the review of the initial manuscript.  You will probably see your name in the author’s notes at the end of the book…smiling. 

Many of you have ordered the paperback version.   I am sorry that I don’t have a delivery update for you.  But I am told by my publisher that it should be coming in the next few days.   Please let me know when yours does arrive and if you are experiencing any delay.  I have reached out to Amazon to see if I can get a delivery date window.

I am working with Garcia Creative now to develop a social media presence on LinkedIn, instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the Poet and I.   We should have content online in the next few days for you to share as well should you see fit.   If you want to be added to my social feeds please let me know.  It would be my pleasure of course. I have decided to postpone the book launch event that initially I was thinking we would host the end of this month.

With COVID I think it best to postpone now to the fall.   Once we have a date set I will share again through this mail list.

Lastly, if you would kindly share the release of the book with anyone that you feel might be interested I would greatly appreciate it.  Some people are even telling me that they are adding the Poet and I to their book club list this summer. How cool is that? 

Please do not feel any pressure from me to promote the book in any way shape or form

Thank you once again .With the greatest of love and admiration.



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