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Do you have a guardian angel? I do.

Have you ever been at a crossroads; at the end of your tether; scared out of your mind; and a gentle voice whispers in your ear, telling you everything is going to be all right? Do they then take your hand and walk you out of harm’s way?
That is my Poet.

She is kind, caring, and constantly challenging me.
She is my greatest critique and toughest friend.
She has a way of asking the most difficult questions at just the right time.

There are times, as few as they might be, when I’ve learned to call Her,
and She has come and sat with me.
She is there when I need Her.

And that has made all of the difference.
That is the purpose of this book. I am trying to find my Poet.

And maybe I might be able to help you find yours too.

Jeff Hainbuch is a father of three boys and lives in Toronto, Canada. After a long-time educator as a teacher, principal and superintendent, Jeff retired and now works in the Ed Tech sector supporting schools. This is Jeff’s first novel. When he isn’t writing, he can usually be found exercising, riding his motorcycle, or teaching meditation.

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