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The Poet and I – The Journey Within – Yes… I wrote a novel

Hello Wonderful People

Can I ask you a question? Do you have a guardian angel?

I do.

Why am I asking you this question? Well dear friends I want to share with you that I have written a book. Yes, its true. In case you didn’t know. I wrote a book; It is called the Poet and I…The Journey Within.

This past year I decided to write my life story and to share the conversations that I have had throughout my life with my guardian angel. Yes, you figured it out….I call Her the Poet. 

The story The Poet and I is the story of my life and my quest to learn life’s lessons and to tend to the calling: to answer the question of who I am as:

A man.

A son.

A brother.

A father.

A husband.

A teacher.

A wisdom seeker.

But then there is The Poet and like that butterfly, She arrives in a flurry of beauty and colour, Her flight spontaneous, Her arrival never quite expected. She leaves as suddenly as She arrives, lessons imparted, and wisdom left in Her wake. The Poet and I is my life story. A story of my search for myself, to find the Poet and my Great Love.

The novel is now available for advance purchase on Amazon in both the Kindle and paperback versions. The book is available for delivery after August 9th.

I would like to create something called a surge on Amazon and Indigo (when it becomes available). A surge of purchases in the new author category doesn’t take much as few sales are expected and success of sales and ranking is relative to this new author group. So, a few sales can mean a lot.

If I could be so bold as to ask….

I would most appreciate it if you were to support the purchase of The Poet and I as you might feel comfortable and to share the announcement with whomever or however you might want to. Perhaps you would be able to share on your social feeds or to like it when you see me share. I would appreciate that too. Maybe buy it yourself if you like (click the image below) and you will be directed to the amazon site.…No pressure of course.

But I sincerely could use your help. Smiling again.

Thank you, dear friends.

With the greatest of love and admiration.


Jeff 🦋

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