The Poet and I

Author: Jeff Hainbuch

The journey back to myself.

“The Poet” is the story of my life; a journey navigating childhood traumas, the challenges of adulthood, heartbreaks and failed marriages, real-world issues; a vast array of events and emotions—all experienced in my quest to learn life’s lessons, to tend to my soul’s calling.

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Can I ask you a question?

Do you have a guardian angel?  I do.

She came out of nowhere, like a gift from the universe; like stardust travelling on the breeze. 

And, like a butterfly dancing across one’s path, She has always appeared, just when I’ve needed a sign. 

My guardian angel, 

Her soft whisper and commanding voice.

An unyielding support.

My toughest critic and friend.

“The Poet” is the story of my life; a journey navigating childhood traumas, the challenges of adulthood, heartbreaks and failed marriages, real-world issues; a vast array of events and emotions—all experienced in my quest to learn life’s lessons, to tend to my soul’s calling; to answer the question of who I am as:

A man.

A son.

A father.

A husband.

A teacher.

A wisdom seeker.

But then there is The Poet and, like that butterfly, She arrives in a flurry of beauty and colour, Her flight spontaneous, Her arrival never quite expected.

She leaves as suddenly as She arrives, lessons imparted and wisdom left in Her wake, but for this man searching for his Great Love and the salve for his wounds, the question still begs answering:

Is The Poet even real?


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